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06-06-2023 fins al 06-06-2023

Workshop: Public Space and Cultural Participation:. Beyond Traditional Arts and Culture Management Towards Sustainable Practices

Dimarts 6 de juny de 12 a 13.30 h a la UOC (Rambla del Poblenou, 156 Barcelona)
06-06-2023 fins al 06-06-2023
Localització: UOC Barcelona (Rambla del Poblenou 156)
Data de publicació: 30-05-2023
Through this seminar, our aim is to go beyond traditional top-down approaches to arts and culture management and delve into connection between cities, public spaces, and cultural engagement. With focus on sustainability we would like to address pertinent concerns in light of the evolving dynamics of urban environments and shifting patterns of cultural participation.

  • Abigail Gilmore and Claire Burnill-Maier (University of Manchester): “Place-based strategies for regeneration – creative improvement districts in Greater Manchester”
  • Aileen Morrissey and Marushka Vidovic (NouPOP )  Festival BOCA -final result of the innovative educational program called Muntem un festival (Premi Impulsa Cultura 2022, Fundació Catalunya Cultura)
  • Nicolás Barbieri (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya):  “Measuring the right to participate in urban cultural life: beyond access to legitimate culture” 
  • Alba Colombo (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): "A critical analysis of the practices of cultural events in urban public spaces: the controversy over the dialectic of access and agency"